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Goodman Electric Furnaces (AVPTC37C14A) 3 Ton Seer 14

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Goodman Electric Furnaces (AVPTC37C14A) 3 Ton Seer 14

Price per Unit: CAD $2,005.00


Goodman  AVPTC37C14A

Product Features

• Internal factory-installed thermal expansion valves for cooling and heat pump applications

• Variable-speed ECM blower motor

• Integrated communicating ComfortBridge™ Technology

• Commissioning and diagnostics via on board Bluetooth with the CoolCloud phone and tablet application

• Auto configuration of the airflow and tonnage in communicating mode

• Provides constant CFM over a wide range of static pressure conditions independent of duct system

• CFM indicator

• Fault recall of six most recent faults

• Provides adjustable low CFM for efficient fan-only operation

• Improved humidity and comfort control

• Built-in compatibility with multi-stage heat pump and cooling applications

• All-aluminum evaporator coil

• AHRI certified; ETL listed.

• Rigid SmartFrame™ cabinet

• Cabinet air leakage less than 2.0% at 1.0 inch H₂O when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193

• Cabinet air leakage less than 1.4% at 0.5 inch H₂O when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193

• Horizontal or vertical configuration capabilities

• 21" depth for easier attic access

• DecaBDE-free thermoplastic drain pan with secondary drain connections

Screw-less sides and back helps to reduce condensation when installed in humid locations

• Foil-faced insulation covers the internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation

• Galvanized, leather grain-embossed finish

• Glue-less cabinet insulation retention

• Tool-less filter access

• Field Installed 3 kW – 25 kW electric heater kits availab

Tonnage : 3  ton

SEER :14

BRAND : Goodman


Goodman  AVPTC37C14A

Additional Information

Name Goodman Electric Furnaces (AVPTC37C14A) 3 Ton Seer 14
Unit of Measure Unit
Efficiency Rating Seer 14
Capacity 3.0 ton